I can’t believe that August is here already. To me that was pretty quick. I mean we didn’t have much of a summer thanks to covid (blah) and, with how crazy everything has been I’m really hoping this year that people are more into the holiday festivities. I think we all could really use some fun and awesome memories for this year since its been a total shit show lol. I’m really looking forward to the best months of the year (October-December) I hope that covid doesn’t ruin the holidays for me and anyone else looking forward to it. Although I live in Florida and don’t really get to experience the beautiful Fall weather I do need some fall decor in my life I may start decorating even earlier for fall (stay tuned for that ) I’m ready to see pumpkin spice everything (which is something I usually hate because I don’t like it.) I guess you don’t know what you’re missing until it may be taken away from you. Ok… maybe I’m being a tad dramatic but you get my point (hopefully). Well to end this here is my countdown to halloween may watch Hocus Pocus later to get more in the mood ..86 days left ! Stay safe and positive my friends !

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